Diamond Piston 4.130

Diamond Piston Specs
Bore 4.1300
Compression Height 1.240
Effective Volume +11.9CC
Valve @ 90 Depth Intake: 174 Exhaust: 139
Ring Sizes Radial Width
Top Ring 0.0595 Top Ring 0.150
2nd Ring 0.0595 2nd Ring 0.170
Oil Ring 0.1190 Oil Ring 0.145
Lock Ring Description Round Wire
Lock Ring Part Number #01-5111 Off Set Pin .000
Wrist Pin Diameter 0.927 Wrist Pin Length 2.250
Piston Weight 493 Grams Piston Material 2618 Alloy



Sold as a complete set of 8 (eight) Pistons. 

Dedicated to Performance

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