Welcome to DSR Performance Parts

We're like you. We love working on, tuning and most important, driving our cars. There is an unbelievable thrill to getting behind the wheel and pushing your car to its absolute limit. We know what it feels like to pull up to the line and know that the tune is perfect. Or the thrill of making a performance upgrade, and feeling how much better the car drives when it is done. Through our time as the top performing team in NHRA history, we also know the need for having the best parts for your car so you can keep pushing and keep getting win lights. 

We have long been heralded as one of the premiere parts suppliers in the NHRA Drag Racing industry, providing both in-house manufactured parts for teams competing in NHRA’s nitro ranks, and necessary components for Sportsman racers who pursue their need for speed behind the wheel of a Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. Our mission is to make the parts that we use every weekend available to you, and to utilize our 50 year history to help you continue to enjoy pushing your car at the drag strip. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy what you see here and on our instagram @dsr.parts